Thursday, July 20, 2017

40K Day with The Boy

No, not THAT kind of 40K...

...THIS kind of 40K!

In other news... I did finish up the cavalry for my Scots Government/Covanenteer force. I've also finished up a bunch of 70s/80s British and some armed civilians/insurgent types. I'll hopefully get to posting some pictures of those later today or tomorrow.

Monday, July 17, 2017

More English Civil Warriors

Awaiting the arrival of my new computer today, I thought I'd mess around on Amanda's "work" computer and see if can start to figure out how these new programs work.

I've been working on a few more items for my Pikeman's Lament forces for the English Civil War.

Preacherman from Redoubt Miniatures.

A Devout Cavalryman from The Assault Group.

 A unit of English Shot - these are a mix of figures from Old Glory, Wargames Foundry, Dixon Miniatures, and a few of my own home-cast figures.

Casualty marker for the red coated Englishmen (from Wargames Foundry)

Four rather well armoured scotsmen from Wargames Foundry (They were actually English figures - that I've painted in hoden grey to use as Scotsmen. I didn't want to buy a pack of Scotsmen as I didn't need six guys in bonnets... but I figured I could pass armoured Englishmen off as Scots if I painted them in grey....).

The entire Scots government English Civil War force so far. Two units of Shot, two units of Pike, a light frame gun and a unit of dismounted cavalrymen (fielded as a Forlorn Hope). 26 points so far - which could be modified by upgrading or downgrading any of the units. I also have two units of Scots Horse to paint up and then this will be complete - well as complete as it's going to be for the foreseeable future. Redoubt Miniatures does have some Scottish Civilians I might pick up as some point to act as camp followers - which could be fielded as "Clubmen".

In other news....

I have about half of the Jet Bikes assembled - hopefully have some pics of finished ones shortly. I've also been working on some figures that finally arrived from Mike Bravo Miniatures (bit of an ordeal there...) They'll probably be the next things pictured on the blog. I also have the aforementioned Scots Horse on the workbench (it IS getting rather cluttered!). Progress on these has been slowed by the fact that I have been getting out for more bike rides and will be further slowed as I have a bit of prep work to do (mostly cleaning and organizing - and later DEMOLITION!) as we get ready for our kitchen renovation now scheduled for the end of the summer.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Experiencing Technical Dificulties

Please Stand By...

Well it seems my 11 year old iMac is finally giving up the ghost. The last couple times I tried to use iPhoto it quit unexpectedly as I tired to export photos, and the last time I used it just downloading photos caused the program to crash the whole computer (well... the computer restarted itself...). The writing has been on the wall for some time. iPhoto was one of the main reasons I was holding on - as I like some of the functions it has that the new Photo program on Amanda's slightly newer iMac DOESN'T have!? How does a newer, fancier, more expensive computer have LESS functions than my ancient fossil of a computer!?

So I've ordered a new computer and it should be here early next week. Hopefully I'll figure something out with the Photo program.

I have, in the meantime, finished up another unit of English shot of The Pikeman's lament - as well as a handful of Scottish pike to finish up a unit of those. I'll post pictures of those as soon as I can next week. I also have a bunch of Scottish horse on the workbench and have build a half dozen more Jet Bikes - though, so far, they have only been assembled and primed...

Stay Tuned For Further Developments....

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jet Bike!

With Rick’s Robot finally off the workbench, I’m back to building Jet Bikes! I built four of the last few days, have another two partly assembled, and finished painting the first of the aforementioned four last night.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

This was assembled with parts from the Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter and are available from Ramshakle Games.

Flames totally make it go faster.

I built this one for my friend John one of the organizers of ToonCon Where I will be running a game of Faustus Furious in September  making use of all these jet bikes. I have a second one for him that I’ll be finishing up next, then one for me and one for Amanda (and I’m sure the kids will be hounding me to help them with theirs!). Then I’ll have to play another GAME!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

MORE Jet bikes! It’s really the only thing I have no the workbench at the moment. Well the only thing on the workbench that I’m at all paying attention to!?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 2017 Boardgame Round-Up

3 June 2017 – Arkham Horror

The first weekend of June was the first weekend we had free of dance classes for The Girl. Amanda had to attend a conference over the weekend, however… 

My Friend Jasper joined the kids and I for a game of Arkham Horror. I have not played Arkham Horror since last year sometime, and I have not seen Japer since… maybe when we played  A Game of Thrones back in February…?

For this game Jasper chose Yig to battle. Yig has a shorter doom track – which means less time before the end game – but Yig also doesn’t have magical or physical resistance or immunity and only 10 doom tokens – so it almost seems like it could potentially be defeated in a climactic end-game-battle. We totally DIDN’T, but, y’know, compared to some of the others it seems like it COULD be possible.

The Girl played Caroline Fern – the Psychologist, Finnegan played Vincent Lee – The Doctor, Jasper played Kate Winthrop – the Scientist, and I played Dexter Drake – the magician. We had each sealed one gate – for a total of four – Caroline Fern may have been able to seal a fifth, had we not killed two cultists (which added tokens to the doom track), because she still had a pile of clue tokens… but it would have been difficult for us to seal a sixth one as we would have all been fresh out of clue tokens…

Fighting Yig we did managed to remove SIX of the ten doom tokens before we were all utterly devoured.

I wish I could get this one on the table a bit more often. I don’t think we’ve even faced all the Elder Gods in the base set – let along cracked any of the expansions I’ve picked up for this. I had been thinking I might make October “Arkham Horror” month – we could play it each weekend in October, each with a different expansion… of course we’d probably have to play the base set in September at least once to remember how to play before adding in expansions… and then there’s Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign (and  A Study in Emerald (Second Edition) and countless other Cthulhu Mytohos/Horror games that I don’t get to play often enough…)

10 June 2017 – Pax Renaissance/7Wonders

I didn’t plan any more games until the following Saturday when Brent and Bruce stopped by to play Pax Renaissance. We played twice. That’s pretty much all I remember.

Oh, and I won a game… maybe…? And I think I actually won with something OTHER THAN an Imperial Victory – which is what EVERY OTHER GAME has been won with.

Yeah. I think I took this picture to remind me what the heck I won with… Maybe it was a Globilization Victory – I have a lot of Discovery Prestige there…? I did have the Law Prestige to try and set myself up for a Renaissance Victory (with Republics) but that didn’t’ happen. I can’t remember if it was this game or the earlier one that almost ended with a Holy Victory…?

I really enjoy this game. Wish I could have gotten it on the table another time in June. I’ll have to brow beat some players into playing it a few times in July (and August… and September… as I’ll be running it at ToonCon!)

Later that evening I played a game of 7 Wonders with the family. This was yet another game where Amanda complained throughout the game that she just wasn’t getting the cards she needed and wasn’t going to do very well and then crushed us all by a landslide.

The next week was pretty busy with rehearsals for the Queen Maeve School of Irish Dance final recital (both me and the kids take dance classes with the school – in separate groups, though) and other stuff. On Tuesday I started having weird dizzy spells – which have been coming and going for the last two and a half weeks!! (partly why I haven’t been doing much gaming or painting of miniatures).

16 June 2017 - Retro Loonacy

Finnegan and I played about ten games of Retro Loonacy while waiting in the dressing room backstage the night of our performance. 

No games on Saturday that week – we did get over the Dragon’s Den Games for Free RPG Day. The kids picked up some stuff (Pelegrane Press adventure and Runequest Quickstart) and I picked up a miniature they were giving away. A couple days later I got an emails saying I’d won one of the draws – a free copy of the Timewatch RPG Core Rules. The kids were pretty excited about that! Me, I’ve got all the role-Playing Games I want – and I’m looking to play simpler, homebrew rules anyway.

The following week we had our meeting with the Home Education Coordinator – after which we have a tradition of stopping by the Dragon’s Den to pick out a new game. Finnegan got The Guardians of the Galaxy Expansion for Legendary. The Girl got a game called Bear Valley.

21 June 2017 – Legendary/Guardians of the Galaxy

We did get to play Legendary with the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion that week… but that was about it.

27 June 2017 – Flash Point: Fire Rescue

The final week of June, my folks came over for supper one night and brought with them a new game my mom had picked up – Flash Point: Fire Rescue. It is a co-op game where all the players are Fire Rescue Peoples running about a burning building trying to put out fires, find people in the building and get them out before it’s completely engulfed in flames and collapses (or too many people burn up in the flames).

I got home late from an appointment with a physiotherapist and Finnegan had already read the rules and the game was well underway.

I joined in at the very end and we managed to get all the people (and a cat and a dog!) out safely. Whew! We just played the basic game. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to try it out again and try out some of the advanced rules.

And that’s it… Hopefully July will be a little less busy and we’ll get some more games in! (as of today we’ve already gotten in games of Kingdomino. We're planning to play Dominion tomorrow and Brent, Kurtis and John are coming over on Monday to play Angola. I'd really like to get in a game of The Pikeman’s Lament this week or next week as well as some more Pax Renaissance! Not sure what else we'll get up to in July.

With June done we're halfway through the year and if things were progressing as they should I would have played 25 of the games on my 2017 List of Games to Play... but so far I've only managed to play slightly less than a quarter of them... 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

JET BIKES!!! Having finally finished up Rick’s Robot (which I swore to myself I would finally FINISH before I allowed myself to build any more Jet Bikes) I’ve started working on more Jet Bikes!!! I assembled two for my friend John and have a third underway – so stay tuned for those!

I also have a unit of Shot that I’ve been working on from time to time over the last week or so for The Pikeman’s Lament, as well as some Highland dwarves for Dragon Rampant, and some miniatures from Mike Bravo Miniatures that I helped crowdfund a year ago finally arrived… so there are a lot of thing clogging up the workbench at the moment and any of those could end up being posted in the weeks to come. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Rick's Robot

Not much going on here. I haven't been doing much painting or gaming. June's been frightfully busy and I've not been feeling great the last two and a half weeks. I haven't even been getting out for many bike rides.

This weekend my folks are moving into a new condo and I've been trying to help them with that.

I DID manage to finish off this model of the Lost In Space Robot for my friend Rick. It's been sitting on the periphery of my workbench half built for an embarrassingly LONG time... and before that it sat in it's box unopened for an even more embarrassingly, LONGER time... but now it's done.

Pictured here on the workbench - last bit of varnish drying this morning. I'd planned to take a few more (better lit) shots... but I may or may not get to that. It's pretty HUGE - those are all 28mm models in the background.

The torso can rotate and I drilled through the bottom to put a little blinking red light in.

He actually gave me FOUR of these to assemble and paint... I don't even want to think how long ago it was... I mean it was almost THREE YEARS AGO that I finished up The Mummy and at THAT point I'd already had them a year or two.

I'd like to get the other two done this summer when I'm not so busy, but I know better than to make any promises at this point.

This is why I should NEVER accept commissions...

Next up I should have a brief post about the gaming we did in June - which wasnt' very much. Hopefully July will be better!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Odd and Sundry Bits

Below is a collection of an assortment of odd and sundry bits that have been haunting the periphery of my work area for some time, partially painted, that I’ve recently –  over the last month – finished off… but didn’t feel any one group necessitated a post all of their own… or maybe they all could have, but I was feeling lazy…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Two English Civil War cavalrymen. One, on the left, is from Old Glory the other, on the right, is from Perry Miniatures.

The two finish up a unit of heavy cavalry for The Pikeman’s Lament.

An English Civil War musketeer casualty from Perry Miniatures. You can’t see it, because it’s hidden by the grass, but he’s sitting on his musket.

A Teutonic Knight Casualty from Gripping Beast. The beginnings of a Teutonic Knight retinue for Lion Rampant. I have two units of Mounted Men-at-Arms and an assortment of pilgrims and clergymen and a bunch of cavalry to paint up for the force. Well… some of the clergy are already painted… I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to pick up the knights… seemed like a good idea at the time…? I’ll probably need to pick up some Mounted Sergeants and some more foot for the force at some point… maybe when I actually get some of the other units finished!!

First two of the Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter, which arrived a couple weeks ago, that I’ve “painted”. There wasn’t much painted involved – other than the base.

The Wizard I actually have a not-so-translucent version of – so I can make him “invisible”.

I’m not sure why I ended up with the invisible/translucent dude with the hammer…?

Three Lead Adventure Miniatures post-apocalyptic survivors.

Two more post-apocalyptic KGB from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I finished the others from this set back in February

A Grenadier Guards Officer from Miniature Figurines Winter of ’79 range.

Three female police constables also from from Miniature Figurines Winter of ’79 range.

Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath from Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter. I got all the big mythos creatures out of this set. Painted up this guy as an adventure I’m prepping to kick off a Cthulhu Invictus campaign involves a Dark Young…

With the wizard for scale – he’s pretty damned big! Shub0niggurath herself and Dagon are even HUGER?!

A terribly out of focus shot of three Grymm sniper specialists from Hasslefree Miniatures. Their camouflage was so good the camera could just not recognize what to focus on…

Are the Grymm supposed to be like Space Dwarves…? I think so. But given that hasslefree minis are on the slightish side, I though they might fit in with one of my units of Imperial Guard Ratling snipers.

Unit of Ratling snipers. They’re still on the slight side… maybe female Ratlings are smaller and have tinier heads than the males of their species…? I probably should have converted their boots into big feet to match up with the GW guys a bit better… ah well…

That’s it for me for now. Need to do some planning this week and figure out what I’m going to work on in the coming months…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Game Plan 2017: What’s Next…?

Monday, June 12, 2017


This was my final entry for Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League. It was a Theme Round again: “Big Brother, Little Brothers”. I was back and forth on this one a lot and eventually settled on the biggest Orc I could find with a handful of smaller ones… Apparently it wasn’t big enough, though, as I didn’t get the bonus points for this round… ah well… 

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

An assortment of Orcs – mostly old Games Workshop/Citadel figures that I’ve had for ever… stripped of paint in recent years and now finally repainted. The Big ‘un…? I’m not sure where he came from. I think I got him in a trade…?

All the Orcs I have for my Orcish Dragon Rampant warband. That’s two units of Bellicose Foot and a unit of Light Missiles. The giant is not a really HUGE giant, perhaps I could call him a single figure unit of Bellicose foot…? I have two more 12 figure units of Bellicose Foot and another Light Missile. I also have a five more trolls (to make up a 6-figure – reducded figure – unit of… something…? More Bellicose Foot, perhaps?) and a few more big orcs to make a 6-figure unit of… something…? STILL MORE Bellicose foot!? I don’t know… Just trying to organize things into 6s and 12s. haven’t given a whole lot of thought as to how to field them.

I’ve been back and forth on what to do over the summer – miniature-hobby-wise – I am defninitely going to be working on all those jet bikes… but I’m a little torn as to what else to work on. I have units for all the Dan Mersey rules I’d like to finish up (one unit of Mounted Men-at-Arms for the Green/Yellow Retinue, A few units of Fierce Foot for the Medieval Irish retinue, an entire retinue of Black & Blue generic medieval types, and the Saracen and Teutonic Knight retinues for Lion Rampant, Orcs and Dwarves and Elves and Halflings for Dragon Rampant, British, Zulus, Martians, Boers and an assortment or European colonilal types for The Men Who Would Be Kings, and a bunch more Scots, Irish And Englsih for The Pikeman’s Lament). Plus a few other things possibly for A Song of Blades and Heroes or Fear and Faith or Song of Shadows and Dust or Mutants and Death Ray Guns or similar games or for Role-playing games I hope to run later in the year.

I backed the Astropolis II Kickstarter but that won’t be arriving until August. Hopefully LATER in August so it won’t prove too much of a distraction while I’m trying to finish up jet bikes!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:           

I’m not really sure at this point. There probably won’t be much for the next week or so as this week is pretty busy – last violin lesson, and rehearsals and final performances for Irish Dance and then on Tuesday next week we have our portfolio review with the Home Education Coordinator – so we have a lot of finishing up of stuff to do this week… Shortly after that I have some serious cleaning and organizing to do in the basement to prepare for the demolition and eventual renovation of the kitchen later this summer…

I also hope to get in a lot my RIDING!

Friday, June 2, 2017

More Dwarven Highlanders (and Reaper Bones III Arrives!)

My penultimate entry for the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League. Tomorrow the entries for the final round should go up.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

A batch of Dwarven Highlanders from Black Hat Miniatures.

All of the Highland Dwarves so far... 

These are all being painted and organized into a warband for Dragon Rampant. The new figures from Black Hat will not form a unit on their own – well, some of them will – the Chieftain and a couple attendants will form a unit. The rest of them will be distributed between all the other units of Dwarf Highlanders.

The Clan Chieftain and his guard. I’m not sure if they should be a reduced model unit of Bellicose Foot or count them as Elite Foot…? 

The ordinary units of Highlanders I figured would be Bellicose Foot. I’d considered giving them the “Terrifically Shiny Armour” upgrade, just to make them a bit tougher… But now that I have SIX units of them, it makes sense just to call them plain Bellicose Foot @ 4 points each.

Here are all the Dwarven Highlanders I have painted up so far organized into units for Dragon Rampant: three units of Bellicose Foot plus the Clan Chieftain – whatever he ends up being. I have another three to finish up (which will actually be 30+points when I’m done – more than the “standard” 24 points… but that’s how I roll…).

I suppose this could currently be fielded as a 24 point unit if I called all four units Bellicose Foot with the “Terrifically Shiny Armour” upgrade (the Chieftain being a reduced model unit…).

In addition to this Highland Dwarf Warband, I have a completely separate Mountain Dwarf Warband I’m working on for Dragon Rampant… and they are not always friends… The recently posted Dwarven Rangers are part of the Mountain Dwarf Warband.

In other news…

Our Reaper Bones Kickstarter rewards arrived….

It took some time to origanize all the stuff and make sure whe’d gotten all of the stuff we’d ordered.

Then we needed to split it all up so everyone more or less got what they wanted…

I got most of the Cthulhu stuff – including the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, Shub-Niggurath (the Black Goat of the Woods herself), Dagon and some Deep Ones, and something called Frogemoth (which seemed pretty otherworldly/Elder Godly to me…)

I had hoped with the LPL out of the way I would buckle down and got some stuff done for other people that have been sitting on my workbench a little too long… but I think there’s probably going to be a fair bit of assembling, basing and priming this week… of the Reaper stuff as well as a few other things that I’ve been wanting to finish up assembling and priming so they can all go back into their storage boxes and not take up so much space! (unassembled minis take up way more space than assembled ones – and I running out of space!!!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Orcs (my last entry to the LPL)?  

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017 Boardgame Round-Up

April ended with a weekend of gaming (International Tabletop Day!) and I wondered if the game playing would peter out a but due to gaming exhaustion, but it turned out to have the opposite effect – it kind of reminded us how much fun we have gamin and inspired us to get gaming MORE! Well… at least for the first week or so… Towards the end of the month we got wrapped up in kids activities that were wrapping up for the (skool) year.

I have to admit I started writing this post at the beginning of May and tried adding a bit to it after each game – hoping to jot down some notes about each game AS THEY WERE PLAYED rather than trying to remember what the hell happened at the end of the month. Sometimes I remembered to do this… other times not-so-much… hence more detail about some games than others.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Kicked off May with another game of Hero Realms! (forgot to take a pic during the game). Finnegan played the Cleric, The Girl took the Thief, and I played the Ranger. I crushed them… and made them cry… Looking forward to the launch of the Co-op version of the game!! I think the trick to the game is to try to get as many champions as you can and focus on one or two of the colours – I mostly went for green and red and laid down some serious hurt. Though early in the game I did pick up a few bribes and a blue guild mage (or something like that) to give me some buying power – to get the big nasty heavy hitters from green and red – giants, trolls, vampires, etc…

On the Second we played Roborally (with a soundtrack of Chemical Brothers and Le Tigre cranked on the stereo). This was The Girl’s choice, but I love Roborally too. We don’t pull it out often largely because Amanda isn’t fond of it – but she was away in BC at a Yoga Nedra workshop, so…

The Girl played Twonky, Finnegan played… um… I forget who he played…  and I played #5 (whatever his name is…? I always thought he looked like that robot from… dang what was that movie called…? With Ally Sheedy and a robot named Number Five…? Short Circuit?

Finnegan had the worst game – he drove his robot off the board or into pits THREE TIMES!? He only ever made it to the second marker (out of four). He took it all rather well and laughed the whole time – which is a HUGE improvement from previous games we’ve had when he was driven to tears of frustration!

I had a pretty commanding lead for the first bit. Got to the first marker while Finnegan was still floundering on the first board. Made a clean getaway before The Girl’s robot got there.

I made a mistake trying to get to the third marker and got turned around on the conveyor belts surrounding it. I still got there before The Girl, but I kind of took the long way around trying to extract myself from this mess while avoiding The Girl and her robot’s presser beam option/upgrade – which could have spelt disaster with all these conveyor belts leading into pits! Then she had a couple of turns with hands full of Forward Threes and Twos while I had a couple of mitt-fulls of nuthin but Turn Lefts!?

It was a REALLY close race between me and The Girl – it came down to the very last turn and THIS register above (I think it was the third register of the turn) where she would have shot forward to claim the prize, but mine went first and bumped her off her path so I was able to turn and get to the final marker on the very last register!!

Didn’t play games again until Friday when Bruce, Bob, and Brian came over to play in our bi weekly Primeval Thule D&D 5E campaign. We didn’t get up to much as three players were missing. Still on our way back to Quodeth from the Slavers city – ship got attacked by a mososaurus – or something like that. Lost a crewman and had to put into shore to do repairs. One of the parties sent into the woods didn’t come back and so we had to go search them out and got ambushed by some strange golem-like creature…

On Saturday Dragon’s Den Games was having another 20% off sale… apparently because it was Free Comic Book Day… but they didn’t have comics to give out… because they’re not a comic store… So they had a sale… Whatever, I went and bought a copy of Codenames: Pictures and Kingdomino. My mom had asked me to get a couple of games that we didn’t have, that we’d be interested in playing, that thaty could keep at their place and that THEY’d be able to play… not too tall of an order.

We happened to meet my folks for dinner at Amigos and we tried out Codenames: Pictures while we waited for out meals. It’s okay… our game was a bit rushed… I ended up buying this one because I had a few promo tiles for it from International Tabletop Day. I’m beginning to feel like I like the Words one better (which I played a year and a half ago…). A well… this one is fine. Perhaps I need to give it a few more tries.

Afterwards we walked back to my folks and tried out Kingdomino. I thought I was doing rather well, but in the spirit of her mother (who was still in BC at the yoga workshop) The Girl complained all game that she wasn’t doing very well… and then CRUSHED us all… well… I think she had 43 points, my mom and I were tied in second with 39… I forget what Finnegan had. I don’t think he was much behind…

If that weren’t enough for one day Brent and Kurtis came over in the evening to play Pax Renaissance. It’s been a little too long since we last played and I’d pretty much completely forgot the rules. I took them with me while I was out all afternoon running The Girl around to her Saturday dance classes – but I was SO TIRED I could barely keep my eyes open all afternoon – let alone read Phil Eklund rules! I remembered the basics – two actions, buy cards, play cards… I was a little fuzzy on how a lot of the ops worked…. And had no clue how to put it all together to put oneself into a position to… y’know… actually come close to achieving anyting resembling any of the victory conditions…

Brent seemed to have it figured out and got this incredible juggernaut of European renaissance high finance rolling and I had no clue how to even create so much as a speed bump, let along STOP HIM!?

I feel like I need to play this game every night for a week – like we did with Race for the Galaxy when we first tried to figure it out – then MAYBE I’ll start to get a clue how to play!

In the morning I had originally planned to go for a bike ride with the kids, but one thing lead to another and we didn’t end up going out… but we DID play another game of Hero Realms! This time The Girl played the Ranger, Finnegan played the Wizard, and I played the Fighter (which I’d picked up earlier in the week…).

From this moment on I pretty much knew I would now forever be the first one to die in Hero Realms – in this ONE TURN (pictured above) I put out 15 points worth of guards, dealt about 30 damage and healed myself for 30… yeah… from that point on it was pretty much GANG UP ON DAD, HE’S TOO GOOD AT THIS GAME!

Thursday the 11th was The Girl’s 11th birthday. While waiting for supper we introduced Amanda to Hero Realms. I’m not sure we even finished the game…?

After Supper we played a game of Super Dungeon Explore: The Forgotten King - as The Girl wanted to practice before running the game for some of her friends at her Birthday party the following evening. I played my Wandering Minstrel and Amanda played her Fallen Succubus (pictures of those from when we last played). Finnegan played the Deeproot Druid. We didn’t get through a complete game, but The Girl got the practice she needed.

The following evening was her birthday party and the game went over really well. Over the two weeks preceding the party I painted up a bunch of Super Dungeon Explore Heroes and a few of the forgotten King’s Minions.

On Saturday the 13the I wandered over to Kurtis’ to play another game of Pax Renaissance with him and Brent again. This time I was a bit better rested. I played the Fugger bank of Austria and… I can’t remember who Brent and Kurtis played… I could look at these pictures and look it up... but I'm feeling too lazy to do that at the moment. 

My first stab at victory. I think I had three kingdoms here and the others only had one – the feudalism victory condition was in play, but I didn’t have an action left to declare victory. The situation would change drastically before I had another turn. It was back and forth between me and Brent for a number of turns – I came close to winning a few more times, but Brent always had LOADS of money and was always able to foil me before I could declare victory. Finally he took enough away from my that he was able to declare victory. Seriously, I think he had just about every empire on the map in his pocket by that point…

Out of three games, we’ve only ever had feudalism victories…

Fugger bank sucks. (Or maybe it’s just that I do…). I feel like at the time I’d thought out some actual reasons why it was no fun to play.. they have to go first and start with less money…? I can’t remember… Need to play it again. And Pax Pamir

On Sunday (the 14th) we met my sister and folks at Amigos Cantina for a supper with them to celebrate The Girl’s birthday. They brought along Codenames; Pictures again. We played a couple quick games while waiting for food (boys vs. girls – with me and The Girl as Spymasters, we started a third with Amanda and me as spymasters, but the food arrived before we really got into it.

On Tuesday we tried out Monarch. Ever since we watched the Tabletop Season Four episode about Monarch back an the beginning of February, The Girl has been super stoked about tracking one down. I’d actually added it to the list of games my Mother-in-law could look for to get for my birthday – but when Amanda told be she went and got ALL of the games on the list I suggested she could hold onto Monarch until May and give it to The Girl for her birthday. So she did. The Girl was SUPER EXCITED to get it!!!

We all got to play sister princesses filling up our courts to score crowns (victory points) which, it think, were to gain the favour of our mother the queen..? It's kind of a card drafting game - most card go into your "court" and you play until someone has seven in their court. Other cards you buy improve the lands which benefit everyone. To draft/buy these cards from the market you need to have gold which you get from taxing villages, but to tax them you have to have food to feed them - which you get from harvesting. You can either tax or harvest once on your turn and then buy as many cards as you like (actually you can buy cards before and/or after doing your taxation or harvest - which allows you to buy and improvement and then make use of it before anyone else does!)

The first game we played without banners because The Girl had read in the rules that it was suggested to play without them for your first game or so – honestly, we could have thrown them in. It’s a pretty easy game – for seasoned pros like us it wouldn’t have been too much to just play with them for the start…

I crushed the kids going heavy on Bounty.

In the second game I hammered them again – I had some pretty incredible luck, though – One of the first cards I got was the one that allowed you to get culture cards for 2 less gold and two other culture cards in the first turn and then snapped up the Culture Banner which meant pretty much anytime an unwanted guest showed up in the market, it was going into one of their courts for free (except the one that The Girl managed to buy and put into mine, before I could put it in one  of theirs…). It’s a bit of a double-edged sword of an ability, because it makes all the other players want to buy the unwanted guests and put them in YOURS! If playing with four players it could have gone much worse for me…

Later in the evening we introduced Amanda to the game.

I didn’t make note of how that game went. I think The Girl won.

The third weekend in May was the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and I’d originally hoped to get in a LOT of gaming – at least seven games – Friday night, Saturda Afternoon, Saturday Evening, Sunday Afternoon, Sunday Evening, Monday afternoon and Monday evening… but then Amanda was feeling super behind at work and ended up going in for the day on Monday. Saturday and Sunday she decided we needed to get caught up on a bunch of chores and errands… booooo… we did get in a few games…

Friday Evening we played Legendary: The Marvel Deck-Building Game with the Deadpool expansion that Finnegan had bought some time ago and never got around to playing with. We played with mostly Deadpool hero cards… and some incompetant Agent of Hydra… and our mission was to stop Macho Gomez from stealing all the Chimichangas. It was weird.

Saturday evening I convinced the family to try out Faustus Furius - except with jet bikes! A full report of the ensuing shenanigans can be found elsewhere on this bolg:

Finally on Monday a couple of the kid’s friends came over and played Star Wars: X-Wing. I didn’t play in this one, and I’m not really sure how it went down. The Girl played with one of the Imperial Veterans these same lads gave her for her birthday (the crazy looking red interceptor thingie) and the younger of the brothers played a pair of bog standard Tie-Fighters with Academy pilots. Finnegan played the B-Wing and the elder brother played the Y-Wing. Once again it was a victory for the Forces of the Imperium – furthering their cause to promote peace, justice and ORDER in the galaxy by preventing the radicalized, terrorist Rebels from spreading their hokey weapons and ancient religion…

As I mentioned, the last week or so of May has been CrAzY busy with dance classes at the Uof S School of dance wrapping up and final rehearsals and recitals and getting a garden in and a bunch of other stuff going on. So we didn’t play any games as a family for over a week! Hopefully in June – and through the rest of the summer – we’ll find some more time for gaming.

I did get in one last game at John’s on the evening of the 31st. We played Quartermaster General 1914. QMG 1914 is a lighter card-driven game of the Great War. John actually called it “not a wargame, but an area control game with a war theme”. I liked it – I wish I’d had this to play with the kids instead of Axis & Allies 1914 back when we were boardgaming our way through history…. (I am reminded that I never actually FINISHED the last two posts about our boardgaming through history… maybe I should get on that…).

I played Russia, John played the UK and the USA, Brent played France and Italy. Opposing us were April, who played Germany, and Darrin playing Austro-Hungary and the Ottomans.

It was a weird game – The United states was in the war quicker that the British!? In fact the British never landed an army in France – but the Americans did! Italy marched through Tyrol and marched on Vienna and captured it! This happened quite early in the war and kind of screwed Darrin for the rest of the war as he was unable to do much of anything (all his units being out of supply and unable to build new ones…).

Near the end of the game – I used up all of my little men half way through the game and thus could expand no further – I could have used guys to attack into adjacent areas (on the rare occasion that I HAD land battle cards) but I wouldn’t have been able to take them over – just remove enemies from the areas denying them victory points – But the Germans had so many readied defence cards, I figured it would be pointless and tried to look for other ways to gain victory points (mostly through the use of event cards).

In other news…

I had a talk with John  - who is the chief-organizer-guy for ToonCon - and I’m going to be running either Pax Renaissance or Pax Pamir on Sunday afternoon as part of their new “Learn to Play” series of games – Games that they figure very few people will have played  - some of which may be “heavier” games (ones that can be a bit of a slog to try and read through the rules without having played something similar before) - that people can sign up with no previous knowledge and know that the person running it will basically walk them through a game (and hopefully not have one super experienced person show up and crush everyone else because they had no clue how to play). My Faustus Furius game (which I’ll be running on the Saturday evening) will be part of this series. There might be a COIN game in this series or High Frontier 3rd Edition - both of which I’d be excited to play as well.

We have a few more weeks of furious activity – two or three more violin lessons, two more Irish dance classes (then two rehearsals and the final recital) and then our year-end homeschool reporting on the 20th. After that we are free and clear (mostly) for rthe rest of the summer… well… okay, we are renovating the kitchen – and I’m doing a lot of that… and the kids are each taking a week long theatre class at Persephone Theatre and Finnegan is going to Diabetes Camp and we’re all going on a short trip up to Prince Albert National Park for a few days of hiking and mountain biking… but OTHER THAN THAT – we don’t have much planned through the summer and I hope to get in a lot of biking and playing games!

Through June I do hope to get Saturday games in on at least three of the weekends… maybe even four (if Amanda can take the kids to one of the Irish rehearsals)…? This Saturday we’re planning to play Arkham Horror. As The Girl is done all her Saturday dance classes she’ll actually be able to join us, unfortunately Amanda is at a conference all weekend – so it’ll just be me and the kids and my friend Jasper who said he’d come and maybe I’ll be able to get one more player…

On two of the other Saturdays in June I’d like to get in games of Pax Renaissance or Pax Pamir - so I can let the ToonCon peoples know which one I’m going to run.

I’ve been feeling the urge to run a role-playing game again. I’m pretty stoked about the idea of running a Cthulhu Invictus campaign. I’ve been considering running it with a very simple system based on A Song of Blades and Heroes or Fear and Faith (I’d been thinig if I’d run a more modern Cthulhu campaign I could have called  it Fear and Faith and Fthagn!). I’d really like to run it for the kids – and maybe some others… I’m not entirely sure WHEN I’ll run it though… Ideally I’d like to get started over the summer – like, right after we’re doing with the Homeschool reporting!

Bruce, who has been running the bi weekly Primeval Thule D&D 5E campaign, has said he’s hoping to wrap it up by the end of the summer and then he’d like to take a break and has asked if my or Bob (one of the other players) if we’d step up and run something. I could possibly run Cthulhu Invictus then (perhaps a separate second campaign – or rerun the games I’ve already run with the kids?)… or possibly I could run something else entirely. I did just back the Astropolis II Kickstarter - the Astropolis figures look PERFECT for a Rogue Trader….

Bah – I’ll worry about that after ToonCon. I need to get building some Jet Bikes!

I've noticed that these Boardgame round-ups are my most popular posts - they are getting almost double traffic my regular posts of painted miniatures and miniature game reports!? Is it the labels? Searches for boardgames? If you're not a regular and you popped by to read this - leave a comment and let me know how you got here - I'm just curious. 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably some pictures of Dwarves I’ve painted for the Highland Dwarf Dragon Rampant warband – not to be confused with the Mountain Dwarf warband (yeah, I’m working on two totally separate dwarf warbands for Dragon Rampant). The hopefully a Giant Robot and the onto some Jet Bikes and more game reports!!